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You may be required to measure and track your facilities' Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) like U.S. government data centers under EO 13693. You may want to understand the impacts of energy efficiency initiatives you've deployed. Or, you may want to track your facilities' PUE performance across time.

Whatever your reason for measuring PUE, Packet Power offers a focused, simple solution.

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Lower costs

Monitor only the points you need to calculate PUE. Packet Power scales to your needs. And our wireless monitors cost less to buy, install and maintain than other metering solutions.

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Highly secure

Packet Power offers the most s​ecure data center monitoring system available today.

Least disruptive solution available

Plug-and-play system reduces the need for expensive IT resources. Split core current sensors enable easy installation, often without disrupting power. Wireless meters eliminate the need for data communications wiring. And Packet Power's self-configuring network automatically configures and manages itself.

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Vendor neutral monitoring

Packet Power’s monitoring devices work with hardware from any vendor and can easily support devices such as SANs, switches and mainframes that often can’t be monitored with smart power strips. Our hardware feeds data to any monitoring application that supports SNMP or Modbus, and our software can accept data in those formats from any vendor’s hardware.

Fastest time to value

Get your first PUE report immediately after installation.

Using wireless monitoring to meet the requirements of Executive Order 13693

U.S. federal government data centers must have energy meters installed by fiscal year 2018 and meet the specified PUE benchmark. Packet Power published a white paper explaining the implications of EO 13693 for federal data center managers along with practical guidance for evaluating monitoring solutions.

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